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Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!
A) Free member:
Has full access to the website back office but may not refer others nor earn from the Matrix. Free Memebrs are delted after 30 days.
B) Ordinary Member:
Has upgraded from Free by donating 0.0002 BTC to their rerrer or nominated upline. Has full access to the back office and can refer others and generate BTC from the matrix.
C) Premier Member:
Is someone who requires site admin to do full set up of their BitCoin Wallet, Purchase their initial BTC and activate their account by donation to their referral or nominated upline. They have full access to the back office and can earn from the matrix. IN ADDITTION they are paid up in full to steps 1, 2 and 3.
The total cost of Premer membership is R999 one time out of pocket, or $75 via PayPal
Contact Admin at sacca64@gmail.com for information regardsing the above.


By: Harry S Heydon

The matrix is a combination of mathematical leverage and modern technology. Without the power of modern computers it would be impossible to achieve. Even the greatest human mind could not do the myriad of computations necessary to make such a complicated system work, although some people do try to second guess the system.

THE RULES:                                               

  1/ You MUST refer 2 people.                                 

   2/ It is always BETTER to use a personal referral link when building a down line than to rely on spillover. The strongest and most lucrative networks are those that are built step by step by personal referrals all the way 'down the line'.


1: The same system is used by 5dollars2charity.com and heydonglobalbtc.co 

2: The matrix is free to use to all members. There is no fee payable for this and no charge for services provided. Owners and admin operate their own business system exactly as you do from which they pay staff, overheads and make a profit etc.                                   

3: If you use the matrix system and donate to another member you do have an obligation to your fellow members to do your 'bit'. Once your account is activated it cannot be deleted as it will  harm the system.   

 4: Not making a payment as promised when you click on the DONATE (5d2c.com) button or the PURCHASE POSITION (BTC) button will result in your account being 'Red flagged' as a possible source of fraud.    

 5: Payments not accepted or declined after 7 days will auto accept to prevent undue delays to other members.

THE BASICS:                                              

An amazing business you can start with only $5 (R65) once off and where you only need 2 customers.

YOU join the system and to become a PRO member and access the matrix business system you upgrade by donating $5  (R65) to your upline. This may be your referrer, or if your referrer already has 2 referrals someone else selected by the system. This is called Spillover and selects the nearest QUALIFIED member to receive the donation.

IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU DONATE TO YOUR UPLINE ASAP AND WAIT FOR THE PAYMENT TO BE APPROVED BEFORE YOU CONTINUE. If you refer others before this is done the system will not place them with you as you are not qualified to refer or receive donations until you are a Pro member.

The 'RULE OF THUMB' is ' here is more haste less speed'.

Once you have donated the aforementioned $5 (R65) you are a PRO member and entitled to all the benefits. See more HERE

You are also able to access your Personal Referral Link from your back office which you then use to refer two people of your own who will enjoy the same benefits as you do.  If you train them properly they will duplicate you.

At this juncture it is very important that you step up to the next step with a donation of $7.50 (R98) to the member that the program will allocate to you.

And for most people that is all that is needed to be done. Each person refers two who refer two and so on. If you have referred two people who will do the same then you are on your way and the potential to achieve six figure results. (Or much more!!)

Once 'your' two people have refereed two of their own you will have four people on your level two. As these four people step up with $7.50 you will receive 4 X $7.50

NOTE 1: You do NOT receive any more payments from your personal refs, they will donate higher and higher 'up the upline' as they progress.

NOTE 2: YOU CAN ONLY RECEIVE PAYMENTS YOU ARE QUALIFIED FOR! If you don't upgrade 'ahead of the growth' you will not get any payments on the next level, they will follow the path of spillover.

The above description is of a 'perfect' system and ONLY applies to DIRECT referrals 'down the line'. Whilst program scripts are without any doubt perfect, the people using the system are not.

So what happens in a system when there are people not stepped up, or with payments pending etc? Then the system will first search the profiles of people in your downline and look for a qualified member. If it does not find one it will search your upline, and if there are none there it will locate the nearest qualified member in the general member population.

The result is that at times you may receive payments from an unexpected source, or your payments may not go where you calculated. The best policy is to be happy that you are getting payments and don't try to burn out your brain figuring it out. (A particular problem for analytical types)


Many members refer much more than two people, and the site owners are also constantly promoting and advertising. The refs resulting from this are subject to the spillover system described above. It should be clear by now that things can get very complicated! One of the results of spillover where there is no qualified member to benefit from the donation is that you may find you get one or two payments more than you are entitled to. Another 'leg' will grow from that so more could be in store for you.

The Program is designed to be very fair in that only those who are qualified benefit. Just do as you should and you can achieve outstanding results!

NOTE: Admin and owners DO also receive donations as they also operate a matrix group. Some people get offended that we also earn money but the owners did after all invest the R400,000 plus to set up these websites, and admin spends their day helping members with their queries. Remember that you are only outlaying $5 (R65) or 0.0002 BTC because of the outlay we have made.

As already mentioned, we provide the site and all services totally free of charge and carry all the ongoing overheads, so understand that we too are entitled to use the site.


Although it is not possible to do an illegal pyramid scheme with BTC due to its 'Cloud' status and no legislation applicable to it, we have included this for your persual.

WHAT IS A pyramid scheme(Definition from Merriam- Web

 a dishonest and usually illegal business in which many people are persuaded to invest their money and the money of later investors is used to pay the people who invested first.


About Heydon Global Systems:

  • Members who register in either 5dollars2charity.com or heydonglobalbtc.com make a payment in fiat currency or BTC directly to another member. There is no investment ever.
  • Heydon Global does not charge a registration fee nor does it charge for any of the services or systems provided but operates it's own group/s within the system EXACTLY the same as members do from which it pays running expenses and must also make a profit. EG: Your bank will usually charge for e mail notifications, HG provides the service for free etc.
  • There is NO INTERNAL OR E WALLET. All financial transactions are directly between members and not via HG. Heydon Global does not receive or retain any part of said transactions nor do they handle or access members finances in any way, manner or form.
  • Heydon Global provides a 100% FREE World class admin back up to assist members with any difficulties they may experience etc. No fee is ever charged at any time. The admin department is sustained by operating their own group in the Heydon Global system.
  • Heydon Global does not provide any form of investment platform, interest payments nor any advice on same, but provides a 100% free to use peer to peer payment facility.
  • Real Products and services far in excess of the value of member to member financial transactions are provided to members via their back office, thus transactions are not purely financial.
  • Heydon Global does not pay any interest, or handle or distribute members funds in any way.
  • Heydon Global does not provide any financial advice or Tax advice etc. Our only role is the free provision of 5dollars2charity.com and heydonglobalbtc.com for members use.
  • Heydon Global does not promise to pay members anything at all. Our role is simply to provide a free service and valuable products and services to members in order to improve their quality of life through the opportunity to generate an extra income and get access to valuable products and services such as free education etc.
  • With both of Heydon Global websites all that is needed is to refer two other people. Those two people will pay the referrer, NOT Heydon Global.  there is NO ongoing referral and / or recruitment process neccessary. In both cases there is NO CAPITAL outlay and NO RISK of loss whatsoever. In the very worst case scenario of loss of internet through server hacking, EMP or similar disaster the only 'out of pocket' risk is $5 and / or 0.0002Btc respectively.


How to create an FNB Online Banking Profile to link to PayPal - even if you don't have an FNB account.
BY: Anler de Vries – Member of 5dollars2charity.com & heydonglobalbtc.com

1. Go to FNB’s website: www.fnb.co.za
2. Click “Register” on top of the page.
3. Select “Register for PayPal” on the “PayPal for Non-FNB Customer” Column.
4. Select “For Me” or “For my Business on the Register for PayPal page.
5. Click “I do not bank with FNB” on the dropdown menu.
6. Fill out the needed information and click “Submit”.
You can also contact FNB’s customer service for further assistance at +27 861 729725.
Once you created your FNB Online Banking Profile, kindly submit the required Know-Your-Customer or FICA documentation (e.g. a certified or verified copy of the Partnership, Incorporation or of the Sole Proprietorship; a certified copy of bank account statement, etc. and any valid proof of address by faxing the documents to this number: 011-4388222, or by sending the documents as email attachment to the email address: paypalkyc@fnb.co.za. The KYC or FICA requirements, will depend on the type of business. To see the complete list of KYC or FICA requirements, you can go to the FNB website, www.fnb.co.za, or you can also contact FNB Customer Service at: +27 113775201.

 Link your South African Bank Account.
The review process will not take more than 2 business days (excluding weekends and South African public holidays) after which, you can go ahead and link your South African Bank account to your verified PayPal account by following the steps I outline for you below.
1. Log in to FNB Online Banking Profile.
2. Select the orange button My Bank Accounts or Forex on the left.
3. Select PayPal Services on the right.
4. Select Menu again.
5. From here you can “Link PayPal